Capacitive Charge Pump Simulator

A charge pump is a kind of DC/DC converter made up of capacitors and switches or diodes which converts an input voltage Vin to an output voltage Vout >> Vin. Capacitive charge pumps are used in applications such as micro-energy harvesting, non-volatile memories or dynamic voltage scaling.

Our capacitive charge pump simulator gets very fast and accurate results in the slow-switching limit (SSL) regime when compared to SPICE-based electrical simulators. Our simulator is based on MATLAB® computing an iterative process of matrix calculations across the clock cycles of the capacitive charge pump. This simulator allows analyzing and designing Dickson (LQP), Fibonacci (FQP) and exponential (EQP) topologies, with and without charge reusing approach.


This section permits to choose a topology and obtain its dynamic response. Two graphs are shown; one of them with the output voltage, and the other one with the charge drawn by the charge pump. The results can also be downloaded in csv format.

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This section permits to obtain the best topology for a particular parameter set. The optimal gain for every topology is listed in order to get either the minimum response time or the minimum charge consumption. Plots comparing all topologies are also shown.

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